Why Sex Is Important To Men

In the Development of Intimacy, love matures and becomes reality- based. It's the part where the magic fades, and both of you begin to relax and show your innermost, less perfect selves. You're beginning to get to know each other, warts and all. You may feel vulnerable and awkward with each other. In this stage, you may argue, struggle for power, become irritable and unreasonable. The fear that your lover will not like this more realistic view of you arises. As a result, both partners need, and have trouble providing, lots of reassurance and usually lots of personal space. Many relationships don't make it through this stage, because if the lovers don't understand or expect this change, it can feel like something is terribly wrong.

Estrogen therapy: Estrogen is the hormone which improves the libido and also increases the vaginal lubrication. They are available as patches and pills.

Keep reminding yourself your husband views sex differently than you. Sex is paramount in your husband’s mind. That’s the way God made him and you shouldn’t judge him for it. He’s sight-oriented and focuses more on physical attraction and the sexual act. You are relationship-oriented and focus more on the whole relationship. The more you can demonstrate your sensitivity to your husband’s viewpoint, the more he will be willing and excited about developing your relationship, more non-sexual affection, and better communication.

When a man begins to feel inadequate in his relationship, he can begin to avoid intimacy all together. The effects can be even worse than before. Once you've shown that you are attracted to your partner, then begin to avoid intimacy, it can send up red flags and seriously damage the relationship.

Feeling anxious, in my opinion, results from trying to meet certain expectations of others. To relieve this emotion, simply replace your expectation or the expectations of others, with an aspiration. You simply aspire to do your best. You aspire to be on time. You aspire to perform at your highest level. When you aspire and not expect you are not dissapointed, and your anxiety will fade.

"I needed a man who I can depend on and does not lie to me. A man who makes me laugh. Someone who has a job and works and is always there for me, I mean someone good in bed and loves to have sex with me. So I got one and that is him, and eventually my husband".